Monday, June 30, 2008

Week 3: amplifier

I'm getting a little behind, and playing catch-up. This week is/was an introduction to the solderless breadboard, using the Little Gem 1-chip amplifier as a project. I believe everyone got theirs working, which is really great. We also added some new schematic symbols to our arsenal, and I think got our contact mics working.

I've posted updated instructions [.doc now converted to html--7/14] to clarify some questions that came up during the build. I've also added some more details for folks that want to transfer their amp from the breadboard to perfboard. Let me know if we need to go over that in more detail and I'll work it in. It will really help to have a little stand-alone amp for our next meeting

Sam got his amp perfboarded and nicely housed in a cigar box:

And Ryan had his Fred mounted in tupperware. Hoping to see more examples of creative cases.

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