Monday, July 28, 2008

Dividers, Uniters, Filters

Small but productive session this week. Most folks had both the 40106 and 4093 oscillators going, and interconnecting them so they cross-modulate seemed to be the happening thing. I got some recordings on the 4track, will post as soon as I can MP3ify them.

We vaguely went thru this week's posting on passive dividers, mixers, and filters. Not quite as flashy as some weeks, but pretty powerful basic stuff. Chris had his mixer already boxed up. If you missed the session, hit me up for some extra capacitors for the filter.

Ryan had the winner when he hooked up a variable divider across the battery powering his oscillators. It's just like the volume control, except it allows you to dial down the amount of power going into the circuit... as you choke off the volts, the oscillators get unstable and start to glitch out in some very nice ways. This "starve" pot arrangement is sort of universal spice for circuit bending in general--try it on just about anything. He put it to good use on Sunday nite at Grog Shop--the final Thursday Club performance, how sad.

No workshop this week. Drop me a line on how it's going for you, and what you'd like to be doing in upcoming sessions. See you on the 9th!