Monday, June 16, 2008

Proposal [frm the archive]

i am considering setting up an ongoing series of "classes" on diy electronics for music and noize. these would be hands-on sessions, meeting once a week, with simple projects and opportunities for collaboration. possible topics/projects might include:
  • vibrations & AC (oscilloscope visualation)
  • transducers (contact mikes, pickups, speakers)
  • amplifiers
  • feedback systems (electronic, mechanical)
  • schematics & breadboards
  • basic oscillator (CMOS)
  • multiple oscillators
  • intermodulation, static mixing
  • user interfaces: gesture & performance
  • mixers
  • more oscillators, dividers
  • sequencers
  • recycled enclosures
  • performance proof vs. decay as growth... impermanence

the "textbook" would be Nic Collins Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking. there would be materials costs involved, around $25 for a basic kit of components. no previous electronics knowledge necessary, but some creative background (not necessarily musical) would be helpful.

If you might be interested in something like this, please send me an email (fluxmonk @ gmail dot com) with the following info:
  • preferred days/times
  • any previous background w/ building stuff
  • any previous background w/ playing stuff
  • any goals, thinks you'd like to get out of this
  • waffle preference: crispy or soggy?

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